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Ernie Kirk, a professional civil engineer and graduate of The Ohio State University, recently started the second phase of his career in stone fabrication after over 30 years of construction engineering, estimating, and construction management. He retired from construction in 2015 as the resident engineer for a $500 mil pump station in New Orleans that will avert the deadly consequences of a hurricane the world horribly witnessed in 2005. Now Ernie is pleased to help the residents of Central Ohio beautify their homes with marvelous stones.

Matt Topcu, started his career when he was 6 at his uncle’s furniture store. He worked as a salesman and installer while he continued his high school and college education. Matt accepted a job with Fairfax Marble and Granite in Northern Virginia after he completed his MBA degree. He was subsequently promoted where he managed five locations for 13 years before deciding to start his own business in Columbus.

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