Exotic Granite in Columbus Ohio


There are different colors families in granite such as Santa Cecilia Granite family which includes Giallo Ornamental, Fiesta, Dulles White, and New Venetian gold. Another family is the Luna Pearl Granite family including Valle Nevado, Rosa Poringo, Crema Caramel, and New Calodania. Darker color granite family will include Uba Tuba, Black Pearl, Absolute Black and Steel Gray. On the other hand, there are granite options which do not subscribe to any of the granite families such as Amarone Granite. Some other examples to this would be Lemurian Blue Granite (aka Blue Australle Granite, aka Labrodarite Granite) These granite color options have unique features available. 
Finding a standard granite color is easy. Finding something unique is harder for the suppliers, fabricators, and so for the customers. Unique Stones often have features in them that are not similar to other granite colors. On the other hand, you make sure that only you have the particular granite color as opposed to seeing it at the restaurant you dine in, or at your neighbor’s house. 
Unique Granite color options usually go for a higher price as it is hard to find them, but going through the effort and making the extra investment is definitely worth it. Here at Columbus Granite, we always try to bring something different on the table. We understand that is is a lot of work but we know that our customers will notice the difference. 

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