Bajkal Quartzite

Bajkal Quartzite Columbus


Bajkal is a quartzite from Brazil. The stone has lots of crystal parts which are translucent. Bajkal Quartzite also has brown, and black patterning creating the great contrasting pattern overall. Our current lot of Bajkal Quartzite slabs measure 115″ x 77″ Bajkal Quartzite may be the stone for you if you would like unique extraordinary countertops for your kitchen, bathroom or bar. 
Bajkal Quartzite is a unique, and rare color driving the cost up. This is definitely not the least expensive countertop option for your home buy may be the most unique option. 
Bajkal quartzite could be used as kitchen countertops bathroom vanity tops, bar tops and more. 
Bajkal Quartzite slabs have strong veining (fissures) in them making the look unique. It is recommended that you view the actual slabs before they get into the fabrication to maximize the beauty of this unique quartzite in your kitchen. 
Columbus Granite carries other unique countertop options in stock such as Lemurian Blue, Centarous.


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