If you want to build or remodel your bathroom, there are a couple of simple steps you have to follow. The first step is you need to know your measurements of your bathroom, so you can make smart decisions while you are shopping to design it. In this step, you will know what is going to fit in your bathroom or if you need to upgrade your space to make your dream bathroom. The second step is deciding what features, accessories and style is a must for your dream bathroom. In this step, you need to plan your backsplashes, wall tile, floor tile, bathroom vanity top, and amenities to be included. The third step is, depending on first and second steps, shopping to design your modern fashionable bathroom. In this last step, you need to be extremely careful to prevent unnecessary costs of rebuying same items again due to color mismatch, design errors or unprofessional help.

In order to prevent unnecessary and expensive mistakes, you can use our bathroom visualizer. If you just want to remodel your existing bathroom with simple changes to fit your taste or you are building your bathroom from scratch, you can use our quick visualizer to help you to decide what are your desires with an easy, convenient, and cost-free way.

Also, Columbus Granite can help you in this process to customize your dream bathroom, especially selecting and installing your bathroom vanity top. At Columbus Granite, we have lots of natural and manmade stones with a variety of color options to perfectly fit with your bathroom. You do not need an appointment to visit our showroom and see hundreds of actual slabs to select from and get the professional help you need during the whole process to make the best decision. We are open 7 days a week with our friendly and expert staff to guide you by providing answers to your great questions. Also check out the Kitchen Simulator tool to visualize your kitchen. 

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