White Carrara Marble

Bianco Carrara Marble Countertops

White Carrara is one of the most famous types of marble quarried and processed in the Carrara area of Italy. White Carrara has a white color background along with gray veining suiting the both modern and traditional kitchen and bathroom designs. White Carrara marble is more preferable when the background is white rather than gray. Eventually, the White Carrara Marble becomes Statuary marble when it gets too white. Statuary is another marble quarried in the same area of the country. Statuary marble is more rare and more expensive than White Carrara marble. The 3rd type of marble from the same mountain is called Calacatta Gold marble which is the most preferable and highest quality (price) of all. 
The White Carrara marble is commonly used as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and fireplace surrounds in the USA. However in Italy in the Carrara and Massa area where the stone is found, the use of the Carrara marble is a lot wider. Seeing this beautiful marble used in sculptures, window sills, window and door surrounds, side walls is common. 
It is easy to say that the mountain gets smaller and smaller year by year in Carrara so while there is no shortage of the marble in the short run, the sources are limited in the long run. 
There are alternatives to White Carrara, Calacatta Gold, and Statuary in quartz countertops if you would rather have your countertops made of a little sturdier material. 

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