Bianco Lasa

quartz countertops

Would you like to get quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathrooms, but they all started looking the same for you? Would you like to try something different? Bianco Lasa may be the right color for you then. It is in line with current trends with its white background.  The color movement on this stone is a lot bolder than most other quartz though. 
Most quartz slabs will look similarly as they have white backgrounds, now we started to see gold backgrounds as well. The lines will usually be more neutral. Nothing will stand out as they sometimes do on natural stone. In other words,  a lot of the quartz is missing the “wow” factor some natural stones have. For example, labradorite granite has distinct blue and copper coloring setting this stone apart from the others. Centaurus granite has translucent quartz parts setting this stone apart from others. Fusion Crystallo has the movement to set itself apart from other stones. 
The wow factor these natural stones have is missing in quartz countertops for the most part or they do not come out right where they look a little weird. Bianco Lasa is an exception to this because it looks great once it is installed.  

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