Bianco Miramere

Bianco Miramere Granite


Bianco Miramare is a natural stone that originates from Brazil. Just like any natural stone it has it’s special unique touches. This stone has an overall light background with touches of greys, creams, possibly a blue tone depending on what is surrounding it. This stone does have garnet throughout it which is specs of burgundy, as well as mica and feldspar which help give it that unique look. Bianco Miramare has more of a consistent pattern but does carry a little movement. A material with this look could go with both light and dark cabinets, backsplashes, appliances and still be breathtaking and with a more classy look. The great thing about this stone is it is great for both interior and exterior projects, so not only can you use it in your kitchen and bathroom it can also be used outside as a pool surround or patio table.
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