Bianco Namibia

white quartz countertops in columbus ohio


Nammibia Quartz is only one of the quartz that we offer here in Columbus Ohio. Bianco Namibia is made by Antolini quartz. It is one of the most simplest designs they offer with a cream/gray background and white patterning in it.

Uniform pattern designs are often preferred for bathroom countertop projects because there is not much area to show and the pattern does not show anyways. This is a color that will work with most tile colors.

Quartz countertops provide many advantages over natural countertops such as granite, marble, travertine, quartzite. They often times do not cost nearly as much with better durability and piece of mind. Dealing with a natural stone requires more attention with the natural characteristics of the stone, pattern and color variation whereas on the quartz countertops, the pattern is expected to be same among different slabs from the same batch.

A lot of quartz colors we offer come from Italy such as Calacatta Terra, Calacatta Alpha, Calacatta Gold, and more. Italians are the best in stone processing particularly marble processing however the demand for real marble reduced drastically recent years.

The slabs of Bianco Namibia slabs measure 126″ x 63″ which is similar to most other quartz colors. Granite slab size is usually around 115″ x 74″. Quartzite slab size is usually 120″ x 77″ Feel free to check with us of the slab size of any material. Also feel free to email us a diagram of your kitchen countertops for pricing.

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