Blanc Du Blanc

Blanc Du Blanc Granite countertops

Blanc Du Blanc Granite Countertops in Columbus Ohio 
Blanc Du Blanc is a granite from Brazil. It has large crystals along with warm colors. There is a huge color and patterning difference among different Blanc Du Blanc granite slabs, therefore. We recommend choosing your own slabs, and coming out to approve the final lay out of the countertops before the fabrication begins. 
How Much Is Blanc Du Blanc Granite? 
Blanc Du blanc is a more exotic type of granite so the price point will be above average for this particular granite type. 
Is Blanc Du Blanc Granite Good for Outdoor Applications? 
Blanc Du Blanc is an exotic granite that has fillers, and crystals in it. These characteristics of the stone may cause issues when it is directly exposed to sun, rain, cold, and freeze. We would not recommend Blanc Du Blanc For outdoor applications. Some of the granite that is recommended for outdoor applications are Viscount White Granite, and Steel Gray Granite
Blanc Du Blanc is still a good granite material as many others that you can comfortably use for kitchen countertops, or bathroom vanity counters. 
Blanc Du Blanc granite does not have a strong gold coloring so it would still be a good choice whether you are trying to put together a traditional design, or modern design for your new kitchen. 

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