Blue Flower

granite kitchen countertops


Blue Flowers is a unique granite which has white background, blue, brown, transparent colors, and black color in it. This particular granite is a unique one that you will not see in many other places.

The background white color is so light white, bright which is not available in granite. Blue is another rare color in this stone. Blue is a rare color in granite in general. It is especially rare in light colored granite.

The stone has a consistent color overall, but it still has some color and pattern variation in it. It would give a nice natural look once it gets cut to standard counter depth of 25 1/2″

Another feature on this granite is that there is indecency in it which can be seen from different angles. The slabs are long in length making it possible to eliminate some of the seams you would otherwise have in your kitchen countertops.

Also check out Blue Pearl granite if you are interested in having blue color granite countertops.

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