Blue Ocean Soapstone

soapstone kitchen countertops in columbus ohio

Blue Ocean is an interesting soapstone from Brazil. Most soapstone types have one or two colors in them, mainly gray and whte. The Blue Ocean soapstone on the other hand has multiple colors in it including black, white, gray, blue, green, and brown. The slab has a different character on the top and bottom part of the stone. 
Like other soapstone, it is possible to mineral oil Blue Ocean soapstone to hide potential scratches in the long run. The Blue Ocean Soapstone does not require any other sealing or maintenance, just the daily cleaning will do the job. 
The Blue Ocean soapstone is slightly more expensive than average soapstone. Feel free to contact Columbus Granite if you would like to obtain a price estimate for this unique soapstone slab. 

Blue Ocean Soapstone can be combined with marble countertops, or quartz countertops to enhance the color and design. Warm Carrara is one quartz that can go well with Blue Ocean Soapstone. Taj Mahal Quartzite would be another color that can be combined with Blue Ocean Soapstone.

Combining it with a real marble alternative could be with Statuary Marble.

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