Blues Quartzite

Blues is one unique quartzite option for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops. Most quartzite comes in gray, or cream background. Bluees is a unique one that has the blue background with brown and black lines running throughout the slab. Blues Quartzite also has some white pattern in it making it an attractive stone for island countertops.
Infinity Quartzite, Fussion Green and Fussion Quartzite are some of the other quartzite slabs that we offer here in Columbus.

Quartzite countertops are hard and beautiful. They make the perfect kitchen countertops with durability and marble similar look. Granite countertops are another durable countertop options however they do not have marble similar soft look.

Quartz countertops also have marble similar designs. We carry a lot of quartz countertops options here at Columbus Granite.

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