Brooklyn Quartzite

What sets Brooklyn Quartzite apart from other options:

1- Distinct Gray Background

While most quartzite slabs have a cream-colored background, some may feature green, blue, or gold. In contrast, Brooklyn Quartzite stands out with its gray backdrop and striking white veining. This combination allows it to blend seamlessly with modern white shaker-style cabinetry while still retaining a unique edge.

2- Touch of Gold

Many other quartzite options such as Infinity White and Bianco Macaubas lack the subtle golden hue found in Brooklyn Quartzite. This gold coloring helps the stone complement gold fixtures that are currently in vogue, imparting a warm glow to the room. It also pairs well with maple, oak, and cherry cabinets, providing a refined and elegant finish.
3- Translucent Patterning

Brooklyn Quartzite also boasts a unique feature not commonly found in other quartzites: translucent patterning. This distinctive trait gives the stone a one-of-a-kind appearance that sets it apart from other options.
Tip: If you love the look of Brooklyn Quartzite but prefer quartz for your kitchen countertops, consider our Calacatta Colorado Quartz.
Brooklyn Quartzite slab measurements: 115″ x 69″.

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