Calacatta Alto

calacatta alto q quartz


Calacatta Alto is another new MSI Q Quartz introduction to the market like Calacatta Monaco, or Calacatta Ida
Calacatta Alto has very similar long lines in the slab starting from one end to the other end of the stone traveling diagonal. 
Calacatta Alto has a slight off whtie background to work better with maple, cherry and oak kitchen cabinetry. 
Calacatta Alto has an attractive price point. Most other Calacatta Quartz prices will start from F level while we currently offer Calacatta Alto quartz at D Level.

Calacatta Alto slabs measure 126″ x 63″ which is comparable to most other quartz in the market. 
Feel free to email us a drawing if you are interested in obtaining a price quote on Calacatta Alto or another quartz countertop color in Central Ohio.

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