Calacatta Colarado

light color quartz slabs

Calacatta Colorado is a quartz by Antolini. The stone has a gray background while many other Calacatta Type quartz have white backgrounds. This avoids the challenge of trying to match the white color tone in the kitchen cabinets. Instead of matching the white, Calacatta Colorado Quartz contrast the white kitchen cabinets. 
Calacatta Colorado has smaller veins as opposed to bold veins in many other Calacatta type quartz countertops. Most quartz colors imitated the real marble look. Real marble often comes with smaller veins as opposed to bold veins. What is more, the veining in Calacatta Colorado quartz slabs are not so straight so the stone looks more natural similar to the real marble with imperfections. 
Calacatta Colorado slabs are 126″ in length, and they are 63″ tall similar to many other quartz slabs.
Calacatta Colorado quartz will go with variety of cabinet colors including white, gray, black, and brown. This particular quartz color will not only blend with your cabinets, but also will contrast with the help of black veining.
If you are in the market for quartz countertops, yet still looking to get a natural look, Calacatta Colorado quartz may be just the perfect stone. Also consider, Calacatta Laza Quartz, and Calacatta Goldvein quartz for your next kitchen countertops. 

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