Calacatta Enora

Calacatta Enora Quartz


MSI Q Quartz has few very successful designs including Calacatta Laza, Calacatta Ultra, Calacatta Miraggio Silver, and Calacatta Miraggio Gold. Calacatta Enora quartz is a mix of Miraggio Gold and Miraggio Silver Quartz which are some of the best selling quartz in the market.

Calacatta Miraggio SIlver quartz has a white background with light gray veining while Calacatta Miraggio Gold quartz still has white background but light gold veining in it. Calacatta Enora quartz on the other hand has a mixture of gray and gold veining. The veining in Calacatta Enora quartz is still light and thin similar to Miraggio Gold, and Miraggio Silver.

Calacatta Enora slabs measure 123″ by 63″ similar to most other quartz in the market. Check out following quartz colors if you need slabs bigger than standard quartz slabs; Calacatta Ultra Quartz, Calacatta Leon Quartz, Calacatta Trevi Quartz

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