Calacatta Majorca

Calacatta Majarco Quartz

Having new quartz countertops is not as complicated as it sounds. Following we will break down step by step what to expect in installing new quartz countertops. Always feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding the process. 

1- take rough measurements of you existing countertops or cabinets, and put them on a rough diagram 
2- visit the store or explore products online 
3- have your selection quoted by one of our estimators 
4- put down a 50% deposit to start the job 
5- call us when all your cabinets, and end panels are installed, leveled. Remember we will need the actual sink on site if you are providing it. We will also need a faucet, stove (or cooktop) on site at the measurement appointment 
6- all the farmhouse sinks need to be installed in the cabinet before the measurement appointment 
7- our measurement technician will take the field measurements. Please be sure to be on site to make some decisions such as overhangs, corner rounds.  
8- Some quartz colors have bigger patterning where we will recommend that you visit our store again to view the slabs, and approve the final slab layout prior to the start of the fabrication. 
9- installation usually is about 1-3 weeks after final approval of the job to the fabrication. Make sure to have the plumbing and cooktop disconnected prior to the installation appointment.. 
Enjoy your new quartz countertops! 

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