Calacatta Monaco

calacatta monaco q quartz colunbus ohio

The Calacatta quartz design used to have bolder lines imitating the true calacatta marble look. That has started to change recently because a lot of people no longer want counter tops over power their entire kitchen, or create a busy look. Then standard quartz colors having uniform colors patterns are not a good answer to this change because they look too chip like formica countertops or corian countertops. 
Another perspective is that all the quartz manufacturers have been trying to create the whitest look. Home owners also compared the background whiteness of different quartz before they made their final selection. Calacatta Laza quartz for this reason became a very popular quartz color in the past few years topping the total quartz sales in the USA. 

Calacatta Monaco quartz on the other hand made something nobody expected. it created a gray background instead of white background, and had smaller lines in it imitating other marble looks such as white carrrara or statuary. The fact that Calacatta Monaco is a “different” quartz color than others seems to bring a good success to it. The gray background color does not compete with the cabinet color, the smaller veins create a unique yet soft overall look. 
What is your opinion on the quartz coloring and patterning? Visit us at 2276 Westbrooke Dr, Columbus Ohio to see some of the best quartz we have in stock and let us know of your opinion on the recent quartz trend. 

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