Calacatta Pencilvein

Quartz Kitchen Columbus

White, grey, and black are the 3 evergreen colors used in the design industry. A lot of other colors come in and go from the design trends time to time. However, these three colors never go out of style. For this very reason, a lot of quartz companies build their patterning alongside with these three colors. These three colors are also very common in mother nature. For example, real marble will have these three colors in them in most cases.

Real marble has been used in the architecture industry over centuries. As the supply in mother nature is limited, the marble will never go out of the style. Marble and other natural stone has been used in modern architecture as well as ancient architecture for years. The most amazing cathedral designs, masque designs used either marble or another type of nature stone in them for years.

As marble is a fragile stone, quartz companies imitate the look of marble only with better durability rates. Quartz countertops never need to be sealed, or maintained. What is more, quartz countertops do not get scratched easily as marble countertops will. Etching is not of aan issue with quartz countertops either.

Calacatta Pencilvein is a new introduction to our inventory. The name comes from the pencil mark kind of design in the slabs. The slab sizes are 126” by 63” for calacatta pencilvein quartz.

Here at Columbus Granite, we have many other options in addition to this style. Calacatta Ultra, Calacatta Leon, Calacatta Laza are some of our top sellers.

Whether you would like to get quartz countertops, granite countertops, marble countertops, or quartzite countertops for your new kitchen, visit Columbus Granite at 2276 Westbrooke Drive Columbus Ohio 43228 – 7 days a week.

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