Calacatta Riviera Silver

White Quartz Columbus


White Quartz became pretty much the norm for new kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. With increased popularity of white shaker style kitchen cabinets, the older style granite countertops such as Santa Cecilia Gold, New Venetian Gold, Uba Tuba granite styles do not go well as they did with oak, and maple kitchen cabinets. White Kitchen cabinets take darker color countertops such as Steel Gray or Steel Gray leather, as well as lighter color granite or quartz countertops.

As many of us would like a lighter, brighter kitchen and master bathrooms, the light color countertops even increased their popularity.

The second reason that the white quartz countertops are so popular is their pattern. Granite Countertops usually come in busier patterning with multiple coloring in them. An example of this would be Baltic Brown Granite. Quartz on the other hand is not only lighter but also carries sofer patterning which is similar to marble countertops. The quartz coloring and patterning is similar to marble only with higher durability with scratch, and stain resistance. That is correct, quartz countertops are highly scratch and stain resistant unlike marble is. What is more, you never need to seal your quartz countertops. You can use regular house hold cleaners such as lysol or windex for cleaning your new quartz kitchen countertops.

Calacatta Riviera Silver is one of the most popular quartz designs we offer here at Columbus Granite. The stones comes in Super Jumbo size slabs similar to Calacatta Riviera Gold, and Calacatta Gold quartz.

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