Calacatta Venaoro

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White quartz countertops are everybody’s dreams these days. Light quartz countertops broaden the kitchen, give it a different look, higher the value of the entire house. A lot of our customers do quartz countertops just to be able to sell their houses. Lots of our other customers would get quartz countertops for them to enjoy for the years to come, and get their money back when they sell their houses.

Here at Columbus Granite, we stock about 50 different quartz colors in stock. Most of those are light colors. Calacatta and White Carrera are the most popular pattern options for quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops do not require any maintenance or any sealing. Basically get your new quartz countertops today and enjoy them for years.

Here at Columbus Granite, we provide measurement fabrication and installation services for quartz countertops. Our turnaround time is very fast. Our staff is highly experienced fabricating, and installing Quartz kitchen countertops.

Calacatta Venaoro is only one of the quartz designs that we have in our stock. This particular quartz has minimal patterning in it. The pattern is somewhere between what Carrera look to Calacatta. This particular quartz is designed to create a different look without being busy.

Check out Concrete Nuvolata, or Gravel Gray quartz if you would like to get dark color quartz countertops instead.

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