Calacatta Vicenza

calacatta vincenza quartz kitchen countertops in columnus oh


A lot of the quartz colors originate from two real italian marble colors; Calacatta and There are tons of Calacatta quartz designs available in the market, and every company also offers at least one Carrara quartz design. The problem with the real carrara marble was the gray muddy background and surface putting. The surface pitting is fully eliminated in the quartz colors. The muddy gray background is toned down in most quartz however, if you would like it to look like real marble, it still has to have some of it. The Calacatta Vinzenza quartz has a similar pattern design as the real carrrara marble, however, the background color is bright white instead of grayish tones. This makes it easy to use it with bright white kitchen or bathroom cabinets. 
Calacatta Vincenza is a successful quartz color of MSI Q Quartz. It has been available for years, now and seems to continue that way. The price point of Calacatta Vincenza quartz is more reasonable than the Calacatta Quartz line and a little more than Carrrara Quartz line (cost difference) 
Calacatta Vinzenza quarz slabs come in 126″ X 63 pretty similar to other quartz slab sizes. Calacatta Vincenza quartz is an easy and safe decision for any application such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops. 
Columbus Granite carries a lot of quartz, granite, and quartzite slab options in stock. Convenient work ours and having the actual slabs in stock makes it convenient for our customers to shop with us. 

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