Carrara Marmi

Carrara Marmi Q Quartz


White Carrara is a famous marble from Italy. It has been used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, sculptures for years and years. The real white carrara marble is still popular in the Europe and USA, however fragility of marble countertops concerned many home owners. This is where the quartz companies came to imitate the white carrara marble only with an a lot more durable material, quartz countertops.

Carrara Marmi is one of the most popular marble imitations out there. Some of the others are Carrara Grigo Quartz, Cashmire Carrara Quartz, Carrara Iris Quartz. All these beautiful quartz colors will have white background, and gray pattern. The gray pattern is usually more consistent unline Calacatta Quartz options such as Calacatta Ultra, and Calacatta Leon.

Carrara marmi has white, and gray pattern. Cashmire Carrara has a little whiter pattern than the carrara quartz in this line. Warm Carrara has a grayish background and warmer color stones. Same is true for Carrara Iris Quartz.

If you like the wan natural look of carrara marble but do not want to sacrifice from the durability, carrara quartz maybe the way to go for your next kitchen countertops.

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