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Centaurus Granite Countertops in Columbus Ohio

Centaurus granite (also called Patagonia Granite) is a super exotic Granite that we are proud of having in our stock here at Columbus . This slab has a very crystally look, with a lot of translucent parts. Some of the common colors in this slab are, white, black, cream, brown, gold. This slab definitely has an unusual pattern, and it is not even consistent throughout the slab.

We would recommend using this granite for any type of project, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, tub surrounds, shower walls, shower thresholds, shower seats, bar tops.

The price is high on this particular granite. Columbus Granite usually prices such exotic stones per project. Feel free to send us your drawings so we can give you a price estimate whether you would like to use Centaurus granite or any other type.

The advantage of granite countertops is that it will have very unusual looks that will not be available in a man-made product where the look is identical among different slabs.

You can also check out Lemurian Blue granite, and Belvedere Granite if you would like to see more exotic granite options.

Choosing the right granite fabricator gets even more important if you are using an exotic granite such as centaurus granite.

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