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Chocolate Boreaux (Valley) Granite Countertops in Columbus Ohio

Chocolate Bordeaux is a granite from Brazil. The stone is unique where we cannot always find it. Granite such as absolute black or santa cecilia granite will always be available in the market. Granite colors such as chocolate bordeaux, zurich granite are not always available in the industry. Chocolate Bordeaux Granite is appropriate for people who would like to have something unusual in their kitchen countertops. This Granite will also work for bar countertops bathroom vanity tops and other projects. It is expected that Chocolate Bordeaux granite will have natural lines, fissure lines, and other nature characteristics in them.

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite is not the least expensive granite but it is not the most expensive either. This type of exotic looking granite will be at least at the price point of Chocolate Bordeaux granite.

Some other granite that are in the same line are, Golden Roma, Typhoon Bordeaux granite. These stones have a characteristic granite look which is not available in quartz countertops.

One advantage of using granite countertops is being able to use big size pieces. Most quartz slabs come in 126” x 63” where granite slabs are usually 120 inches by 70 inches. This makes it possible to better utilize the granite slabs. This also makes it possible to be able to have bigger pieces, such as iIsland countertops in one piece without any seams. On the other hand, granite countertops always need maintenance. Quartz countertops would not need any resealing. You can simply use regular household cleaners to clean them.

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