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Choosing the Right Color Quartz for Your Bathroom Counter

A beautiful bathroom is an oasis in your home. Crafting a design in which every element works together to create your personal oasis is a challenge. Choosing a few starting points, such as the floor tile or shower style, can help to make the rest of the decisions. Quartz is a popular option for bathroom countertops. It’s beautiful, durable, and resilient, so it lasts for years. Quartz is also stain-resistant and incredibly easy to clean, requiring only basic wipe downs with soap and water. It’s a fantastic choice for its low maintenance needs, durability, and style.

Fitting your quartz countertop into your bathroom design isn’t as easy as choosing quartz. One of its other benefits is that quartz is offered in many colors and finishes to fit the design of the bathroom. It comes in various shades of neutrals such as blacks, whites, and browns. It also comes in fun colors such as green and red. Whether you want something loud and fun or classy and calm, quartz can fit your design needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right color quartz for your bathroom counter.

Flooring and Paint Color

Bright accents in a bathroom can be fun, but they can get too loud if there are too many. You want your bathroom to uplift you, not give you a headache. So, the first thing to keep in mind when choosing a countertop color is what colors already exist in your bathroom. It’s important to choose colors that complement each other, not match, to create balance in your design.

What is your paint or wallpaper color? If the wall is an intense color or pattern, balance it out with a toned-down quartz countertop. For white walls or other neutrals, a piece of quartz with a bright color or interesting pattern brings more interest. Try to choose either your flooring tiles, paint color, or quartz countertop to be the accent feature if you want one. Choosing only one out of three to be the “exciting” one keeps the design from being too overwhelming.

Imagining Samples in the Big Picture

Before you buy any quartz, compare colors with the existing design elements. Either bring a sample of your paint, cabinetry, and flooring when shopping for the quartz or bring a few samples of quartz home. Bringing home quartz samples might be easier, because then you can compare them to everything you have. Wherever in your design process you are, lay out the quartz beside what you have.

If you want the quartz to be the piece around which you design the room, take the sample to a home improvement store and compare it to the paint colors, fixtures, and other materials you were hoping to get. If it looks bad with the bathroom you envisioned, another quartz color is better for the end result.

If you’re near the end of your project and want to find a nice piece of quartz to fit into the established design, gather all of your design elements. Look at the quartz with the fixtures, tile, flooring, paint color, cabinets, etc. and try to imagine them on the scale of an entire bathroom. Fun colors and contrasts might look good on the small scale of the materials laid out on your kitchen table. However, a long stretch of counter, tiled shower, and entire painted wall of these patterns is a different picture. Try to envision that picture before purchasing anything.

Contrasting Colors

We see that a lot of our customers consider the color matching in choosing their granite, or quartz countertops, however, sometimes they fall a little short considering contrasting colors when selecting their next kitchen countertops, or bathroom vanity tops. To put this in perspective, think of black and white, they are two completely opposite colors, however, they always look sharp together. We recommend considering how your countertops will combine  as well as contrast with your cabinets, and back splashes.

Future Proof

The big, final factor to consider is that quartz is a durable countertop material. It lasts for years, so chances are it can outlive your current design preferences. A unique counter color such as pink might fit perfectly into the current design. Though, if you ever want to change that design, crazy colors are hard to fit into a new design. Choosing a classic, neutral color might be the best option for the present design and something future proof.

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