Crema Bordeaux

crema bordeaux granite columbus


Crema Bordeaux is a natural stone quarried from Espirito Santo, Brazil. A fun fact about this stone is it is an igneous
rock meaning that it was created by volcanic activity. It is a great example of what nature is capable of producing. Its rich warm colors and earth tones will remind you of Jupiter. There is no doubt this stone will leave your home
feeling warm and homey.

It can go with many shades of cabinets and backsplashes and can be used for interior and exterior use and is furthermore frost resistant. The high mineral content in this stone means that it has one of the highest variations in appearance out of almost any stone.

During the polishing process there is an epoxy resin applied to this stone to fill in any natural pits, fissures or cracks but this does not change the durability or uniqueness of this stone and normally provides an even smoother surface.

Another type of granite in this stone family is Typhoon Bordeaux which is usually a little lighter in color.

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