quartzite countertops


Dakar is a hard quartzite from bedrock quar Brazil. The main colors in Dakar quartzite are white, gray, cream, and black. 
Dakar quartzite will very much slab to slab and lot to lot. Here at Columbus Granite, we strive to bring the most beautiful Dakar lots in our stock for our customers to enjoy. 
Maintenance of the Dakar quartzite is no different than other hard quartzite colors such as Infinity White, or White Macaubas Quartzite
Dakar quartzite is good for interior use only. Kitchen Countertops, bar tops, and bathroom vanity tops are only a few of the projects you can use Dakar quartzite for. 
If you like the look of quartzite countertops but would like a product that does not require any maintenance, check out our quartz stock. Quartz countertops do not need to be resealed like natural stone countertops. 
Dakar price point is high and like most other quartzites. Quartzite pricing is usually higher than those for granite or quartz because they are more rare to find, and they are harder to fabricate. 


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