fantasy brown two our test

fantasy brown marble stain test

A lot of overnight tests are done on fantasy brown but I did not actually see a shorter amount of time test done.

I do not always like the idea of testing Natural Stone. The reason is, we do not Place liquids on our countertops intentionally for long amounts of time. We always clean any spills in a reasonable time. Going too harsh on a piece of sample where we will not go as harsh on countertops does not really make much sense.

We still do two tests because we are in this industry. A test on fantasy brown marble shows that orange juice did not stay in the stone. Olive oil did not stain the stone. Apple cider vinegar put a etch mark on the stone.

It is also important to consider that fantasy brown marble will have soft and hard parts of the stone. Hard parts of the stone will not stain or etch. the soft parts of the stone will steam easier than hard parts of the stone.

It is very important that you consider this stone for your own use. Some people are more careful when they are in the kitchens some are not. Some people cook a lot, some people do not. Some people care about the look while some other people do not. Ask this question to yourself, would a small scratch bother you?

We wrote a full blog post on fantasy brown marble if you would like to get more information.

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