Granite has been the most popular countertop material in the last 10 years. Granite is a volcanic stone and offers variety of colors from golds, to black,  to white. Granite is an extremely durable stone which is heat and scratch resistant. It is possible to find granite for very affordable pries. It is also possible to find a granite that is very pricey.


Granite and quartz are both durable stones. Granite does better for heat while quartz does better for staining.  In addition, you do not need to do any sealing or any other maintenance on quartz countertops. We recommend that you go with the one you like when it comes to choosing your countertops material between granite and quartz. 

Absolutely yes! It is our rule to seal every stone surface we fix, and we recommend the application of a sealer every after six months to a year to protect the stone against any oil and water stains.


Being an organic substance and of course just as no two people alike, no two samples of granite will be precisely alike too. The deposit it was extracted from and the composition of minerals all play a part in the formation of granite. At Columbus Granite, once selecting a sample and our customer then handpick the specific block of stone from which we construct their surface.


Of course! It will be the same if you cut the granite down upon in the direction of daily use, regular basis you will never ruin your granite countertop.


Granite can chip especially on the edges if you hit hard objects.  Sink cut out, and the DW areas are the two common areas for the chips to occur. Granite does not crack by itself as long as there is good support underneath it. The cracks can happen on large overhang areas (unsupported), on the sink and cooktop bridges when they are not supported well.  Please keep in mind that you should never step on the countertops. 

It is not hard. Use common non-abrasive commercial products to wipe it down to keep its finish shining. In addition, we recommend that you reseal your granite every year or so. You can do a simple water penetration test to see if your granite countertops are due for a sealing application. 

Sealing is something easy so you can do it yourself. Simply by some natural stone sealer from one of the hardware stores or online. Apply some to the stone. Wipe off the excess in a few minutes. 



Not all. Several different finishes you can buy including honed, polished, leathered. Polish finish stone is still the most common in the industry. The options will be limited in honed and leathered finishes

Drop-in sink is in the top of the cutout while an undermount sink sits beneath the sticker in your granite.


It is also called “grain in the stone,” “movement “is veins that change irregularly in granite because of the massive forces at work on it beneath the surface of the earth during the eons it took to form.


Most granite come from Brazil, Italy, and India. Other parts of the world still has granite quarries. For example, Blue Pearl granite quarry is located in Norway, Virginia Mist granite quarry is located in the USA. It is also common for the Italians to buy block of stone from other parts of the world, have them shipped to Italy. They process the slabs, and polish before they exported back to the world. 

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