fussion granite

Fussion Granite/Quartzite in Columbus Ohio

Fussion Wow Granite is an exotic multicolor stone with many shades of deep bluish, creams, greens and rust colors that create a unique and spectacular look. This particular material originates from the Fusion Quarry in Brazil.
It can sometimes have more of a rustic look as it can change from lot to lot but overall this material would look great in a simple indoor kitchen, bathroom, or even a beach house. A great thing to know about this material is
that its sensitivity to acids is very minimal which means if lemon or tomato juice get on it, it is less likely to etch or
lose its sheen but just like any other natural material make sure you wipe it up and make sure you seal as required.
This material rates as a 7 on the Mohs scale which is where most granite and quartzite fall. This material is less
likely to scratch in comparison to marble, onyx, limestone and slate. You can’t go wrong with a material like Fussion
Wow, it has the character and the durability.

Check out this picture if you would like to see Fussion Wow installed on a waterfall island.

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