Gobana Quartzite

Gobana Quartzite Countertops in Columbus Ohio

Gobana Quartzite is a natural stone originating from Brazil. This material has soft green tones with white veining throughout and sometimes you can even catch a hint of brown, a great characteristic of this stone is you can find some translucent quartz pieces through that stone it also has very little movement which gives it an overall modern and elegant look. This material would look great
with white cabinets and a light backsplash. If you want a marbley look but don’t want to deal with the care and maintenance of marble this material would be a goodalternative.

This material is a perfect fit for a kitchen or bathroom project. The good thing about quartzite is it is highly resistant to UV rays so you can use it on an outside project or in the kitchen where it would be getting direct sunlight.

Feel free to check other quartzite color options here.

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