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Granite Countertops for sale

Natural stones are usually more expensive than others, but it has a lot of pros compared to laminate and wood. Granite, in particular, is purchased for its durability, long lifespan, and resistances to heat, scratches, and chemicals. Plus, not a lot of maintenance is needed with the extra coating being applied every several months. But the cost is considerable and many worry about what they are paying for. Here is a rundown of the cost of granite.

The overall cost of granite will depend on what kind of it is being used. Granite tiles is inexpensive, but they are not attractive to the home and are too plain. Prices for tiles usually go for $10 to $50 per square foot including labor costs of installing them. The average cost of a slab of granite is from $40 to $200 per square foot, also including labor costs. The slab’s cost depends on multiple things such as stone quality, heaviness, the slab’s design, and the size of it as a whole. Compared to other stones, it is expensive.

The reason it is like this is because of the combination of design, fabrication, and installation. The last two factors are done by professionals; one could install it themselves, but it is a tedious and difficult process. With one business to order the granite from undoing the entire installation, people will most likely get a better quote than purchasing a cheap granite from one place and have professionals from another do the main labor. It is suggested avoid big name stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot because there is less variety and expensive costs for their work. Call Columbus Ohio granite companies, and we do design and fabrication services also.

Of course, that means the higher the quality, the more expensive the granite. The difference is with the percentage of soft content, which lacks in design and color. Granite that is high in soft content is of low quality and is cheaper, looking very generic and bland. It is also more fragile by chipping and cracking more, so don’t go cheap to save money because the granite will have to be replaced. Smaller pieces of granite for smaller countertops can be purchased, but full countertops require full slabs. Have the measurements done beforehand for an accurate price before being purchased to make sure you’re not buying too much of it, nor too little of it.

To get granite countertops for sale, one has to look around and do their research. One must decide quality over cost in terms of the long-term use of it. Granite is a popular rock and it can be fashionably pretty with the right design on the stone. Many people choose it because it is fitting for kitchens and bathrooms because of its naturally where every slab is different and the countertop will be unique always. The only matter is cost and how one is willing to pay for each slab to make the room stand out.

Granite will be a less expensive option if you consider the total ownership cost and rate of return on your investment; granite is already some millions of years old so it will definitely outlast everything else in your house so you will be able to use it for as long as you would like compared with the lifetime of formica countertops. In addition, you get your full investment back if you ever decide to sell your house because potential home buyers will look at the kitchen, and the kitchen countertops, master bath and master bathroom vanity top when deciding their offer on your house. 

Columbus Granite is not only able to fabricate and install countertops from its in stock material, but also able to source any material from one of the local suppliers.


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