Gray Soapstone

gray soapstone kitchen countertops in columbus ohio

Gray Soapstone is from Brazil as are many other soapstone. The Gray Soapstone has light gray background colors as well as white veining. The soft look will provide a warm look and touch in your kitchen, bathroom or bar. 
The Gray Soapstone cost is similar to many other soapstone types, and it costs less than PA Soapstone

Gray Soapstone is used in many other areas besides countertops. Some of its popular uses are as follows; Pizza Trays, Sinks, Cups, Cooking pots, sinks. 
Soapstone countertops are usually preferred in more traditional designs along with farmhouse type of sinks. Following are the main reasons why soapstone is preferred over granite countertops; or quartz countertops. 
Soapstone usually comes in honed finish which is very soft on the touch. Soapstone is a non porous surface so it is the only natural stone which does not require any maintenance. Soapstone will usually get darker by itself with regular use. It is also ok if mineral oil, or wax is applied to darken the soapstone. 
Gray soapstone will have a slight olive green background when it is mineral oiled.  
Check out our material selector page to be able to visualize how different color countertops look when they are installed. 

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