Green Fussion Quartzite

green fussion quartzite

Fussion is a quartzite from Brazil. It is one of the most exotic natural stone options as the swirls, color depth are amazing and not available in many other granite, marble, quartzite. Fussion slabs vary by a lot slab to slab and lot to lot so it is not always easy to find the decent looking slabs. Fussion quartzite is available in green (fussion green) and also brown (Fussion Wow)

Fussion will be the master piece of the room no matter where it gets installed. Most common Fussion Granite (quartzite actually) is kitchen countertops, bar countertops. It is also possible to get creative with Fussion and put it on shower walls.

It is particularly important with Fussion to choose your own slabs, and approve the final lay out before the start of fabrication.

Our current lot of Fussion Green is just amazing with deep coloring, soft movements. What is more, there is a big stone pattern in one part of the stone that can be used on an island counter top create the WOW factor. Are you planning to use Fussion Green with cherry cabinets? Our Fussion Green slabs have just enough brown (and some more brown on one corner) to help tie things together with your kitchen cabinets.

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