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How To Install Your Own Granite Countertop

Granite is a stone that goes back to the Ancient times when it was the source of sculptures including grand memorials in major parts of the world. There are granite drilling industries today with the major exporters being China, India, Canada, Sweden, and the United States among others. There are many pros of using granite in the home, especially as a countertop in kitchens and bathrooms. It comes at a hefty price, and way to cut down on the overall expense is to install it yourself instead of the professionals. Here are some things to know in properly installing granite countertops.

First of all, order the granite. Know ahead much is needed; include the amount that overhangs the cabinets. Also note the edges of the counter if they are curved or straight. Granite is sold in many styles and finishes, so consider which one is perfect for the kitchen based on the colors, the type of cabinets, and the flooring. Shipping takes about 3 to 4 weeks. During this time (or even before the ordering), draw up a sketch for the granite with the measurements listed of the countertop length.

Next, comes working with the granite slabs, as the slabs are quite heavy and will need a second or third hand. These are stones and can easy weight 100 pounds when being shifted over to the counter. Granite is also fragile, so they must be handled with care and have space to store the slabs before they can be installed. It is preferable to keep them standing up when storing them, but also be extra careful that they don’t fall over, especially on each other like dominos and crack. The same goes when sticking it on the counter for final measurement.

The slab will be sitting on top of a 3/4” thick piece of plywood that is as long as the slab. Trace on it where the sink will fit, if necessary. With someone helping lifting the granite, put silicone sealer along the edges and space circular dots 6 to 12 inches apart. Follow that with some glue along the rim of the sink in between the surface and plywood below and gently lower the granite back down to let it mix with the glue. Let it sit for about 24 hours for the granite slab to settle in. 3/4″ material is more common when it comes to precut pieces. 3cm material is more common when it comes to having a professional custom cut and install countertops for you. 

Many people are into the whole Do-It-Yourself mantra when it comes to making repairs and installations at their home. It’s a way of proving self reliance and saves a lot of money. Some succeed, but many others don’t. Still, things being done in their home requires a certain degree of confidence to do, even for the more difficult matters like properly putting in a marble countertop, which is a little more complex than it seems. Installing a countertop whether it is granite, marble, soapstone, or travertine, is something many will want to prove their worth in the challenge to be a DIYer, however, we will not recommend trying to do it yourself unless it is a small vanity top, or a threshold piece. The granite installation requires a lot of diamond cutting and polishing tool which is not easily accecaple. What is more, making a mistake while installing the countertops may cause an additional cost more than hiring a professional. 

Contact Columbus Granite if you would like your countertops to be installed by trade professionals.

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