Infinity White

Infinity White Quartzite


Quartzite countertops is a good compromise for those who want to elegance of marble, and durability of granite. Quartzite countertops are very hard, sometimes even harder than granite countertops so it is scratch and etch resistant. Infinity white is just one of the beautiful quartzite color options. The background color of the stone is very light gray (almost white) it us black, blue sticks thru it, yet it still has a soft look to it after all. It is easy to see natural veining of the stone in Infinity White quartzite.

Infinity white quartzite countertops are best with white, gray, black, cherry, oak and maple kitchen cabinets. Infinity White is a hard quartzite type so you do not have to worry about the durability of the stone. Quartzite countertops still need to be resealed periodically (just like granite countertop)

Some of the alternatives to Infinity White Quartzite are Mustang Quartzite, and White Princess quartzite. These two types are also popular in the market and look beautiful.

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