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Marble Countertops can get scratched, etches and stained easily. That is why you should stay away from real marble countertops, especially the polished finish marble kitchen countertops. Is that really the case? 
Not really! Marble Countertops have unmatched look that is not available in quartz countertops, and definitely not in the granite countertops. While quartz countertops, and granite countertops offer a more durable surface, there is no way they will be able to compete with the beauty of real marble. 
The picture shows beautiful Italian Calacatta Marble Countertops installed on white kitchen cabinetry. The result is just breathtaking with how it enlightened the kitchen, and how it made the statement without being busy. 
We are still not claiming that marble is a very durable choice for countertops, but we are claiming that marble is a beautiful stone, and it looks amazing as kitchen countertops. 
If you disagree with the statement, or just would like a little more durability, check out our in stock quartz countertops

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