Lemurian Blue

Lemurian Blue is a granite that is quarried in Madagascar. This particular granite is also known as Madagascar Blue, Blue Australe Granite, and Labradorite Granite.  What makes this granite unique is the blue coloring in it. Blue is a rare color in granite. The nice sparkling blue is even more rare. What is more, this stone also has a sparkling gold color in it. To make it more attractive, different coloring can also be seen at different angles, and different lighting so your kitchen countertops would look a little different in different times of the day. 
Lemurian Blue Granite is an expensive granite such as Fussion or Centarous Granite. Price depends on the lot, look, and size. Certain lots may cost twice as much based on the look. The more blue, the more gold, the more sparkling pattern, more cost on the stone. 
Lemurian Blue granite goes perfect with almost any kitchen cabinet color because it will be the focal point in the kitchen rather than anything else. White Cabinets., Cream, Cherry, Oak cabinets will particularly make this stone pop. 

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