Luci De Luna

Light Quartzite Countertops


Luci Di Luna is a beautiful natural quartzite that originates from Brazil. This stone has more of white background with grey and black linear veins going through it. This stone would be great for a more elegant and neutral kitchen or bathroom.

One thing about this stone is it has a medium absorption rate meaning that this material needs to be sealed as recommended, oil and highly pigmented liquids can penetrate and stain this stone. This stone is not recommended for exterior projects as it has free iron in it meaning it can oxidize or rust over time when being exposed to heat or moisture. A material such as Luci Di Luna has typically has natural cracks and fissures so expect to see factory filled resin, and even though this material is not recommended for outdoor projects it is still very durable and is rated as a 7 on the Mohs scale.
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