maldives quartzite

Maldives is one of the nice hard quartzite colors we offer here at Columbus Granite. Hard Quartzite tops are even harder than granite so they do not get scratch, they keep up with heat. Hard quartizite countertops such as Maldives come in light colors with gray veining so they are very modern looking.
The hard quartzite countertops cost a little more expensive than low and medium level granite however, the price is still in affordable levels. Some of the other hard quartzite color options are Taj Mahal quartzite, Infinity White Quartzite.
Hard quartzite countertops can get staines just like granite countertops or any other natural stones. Quartz countertops is a good option if you would like your countertops to be stain free, and if you you do not want to worry about sealing them.
Maldives slabs are huge so you can get a better yield out of them. Each maldives slab has about 70 sq. ft. making it possible to fit bigger size slabs without putting a seam.

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