Material selection is one of the most important steps, maybe the first step after selecting your cabinets and layout for your dream kitchen. In this step, you should decide what kind of features your countertop comprises of. For instance, if you want a heat resistant and burn resistant countertop to protect your kitchen from forgetting a hot pot over it, granite would be the best choice. Another example would be, if you want an anti-bacterial, stain resistant countertop to be safe and to clean easily, quartz countertops could be the best option.

After deciding your countertop material, you should start thinking about your faucet and sink and its material too, because you will spend most of your time during cleaning the dishes or washing your vegetables. Sink material should be durable and strong to last for years without needing to remove your countertop again and putting a new one which could be costly.

Finally, you can decide what kind of design and color your kitchen will present to you and to your guests. At Columbus Granite, we have a variety of color options for granite, quartzite, and quartz to create your dream kitchen. We provide a variety of cabinet color samples to help you decide your countertop or you can bring your own sample during your visit. You do not need any appointment to visit our backstock, you can stop by at any time convenient for you and we will answer your questions to help you to give the best decision for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area.

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