Moon White

Moon White Granite

Moon White granite is a consistent classic granite that has been in the market for years and will probably will continue to do so. Moon White granite has a white and gray background with burgundy dots in it. Its attractive price point, white and gray stylish look makes it a popular choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops. Moon White granite comes from India like many other light color granite.
Moon White granite is a light porous granite so it can be more absorbent than some other granite types such as Typhoon Bordeaux Granite, Steel Gray granite, or Absolute Black Granite.
Moon White Granite is best to use with white, gray, cherry, black cabinet colors.
Moon White granite has a consistent color pattern so it is not expected to have natural fissure lines in it so it is a little sturdier than some of the other granite.
We recommend sealing moon white granite as often as possible as it has a very porous surface. We recommend using Miracle 511 Porous Plus sealer to seal moon white granite and other natural stones.
Moon White could be the perfect countertop choice if you are looking to update the kitchen countertops on a budget, if you have a rental property or if you are working on a flip house. Call us at 614 771 3733 or visit us at 2276 Westbrooke Dr, Columbus, OH, 43228 to obtain a quote for Moon White Granite. Please bring a basic drawing of your kitchen countertops with rough measurements with you.

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