PA Soapstone

PA Soapstone

A lot of people think that PA Soapstone is from Pennsylvania, or Philadelphia because of its name, however, PA Soapstone is from Brazil. The PA in the beginning of the name of the stone comes from Pinheiros Altos which is where the quarry is located. 

PA Soapstone is a darker kind of soapstone with white lines. PA soapstone looks amazing when it is mineral oiled because the stone gets even darker, and the white pattern in the stone will contract better making a statement as the kitchen countertops, or bathroom vanity tops. 
PA Soapstone is on the pricey side of the soapstone. A lot of other soapstone options suich as Gray Soapstone will cost less than PA Soapstone. 
PA Soapstone will not only look great as kitchen countertops, but also will look great when it is used as bar counters. What is more, because soapstone does not get stained or does not need to be resealed, it will be ok to be used as a bar countertop. 
PA Soapstone will look breathtaking when it is used with a white accent such as white marble island top, or white quartz island top. 
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