Please note that Columbus Granite does not carry any lime stone slabs in stock at this time. Feel free to check with the wholesalers n Columbus area to find the slab you like. We will be happy to purchase the slab(s) from them and provide fabrication/installation services for your countertop project.

Limestone Countertops Countertops in Columbus Ohio 



Limestone is a soft sedimentary natural stone. The most common limestone in the market is Jerusalem Gold limestone. Roman gray limestone, champagne limestone are some of the other common limestones colors. 

Limestone is commonly used for tile, flooring, pavers, and pool copings. It can also be used for countertops, but it is not recommended for countertops because it is a very soft and porous (absorbent) stone. 

Limestone usually comes in a honed finish. Commonly, limestone will have fillers on the stone, or the small holes are left as is intended to keep the natural look.

Limestone was one of the main stones used to build the Egyptian pyramids (Great Pyramid of Giza) Lincoln memorial, and Parthenon was also built using limestone This shows us that even the most fragile natural stone is very durable considered its past use.

Caring limestone is fairly easy as it is just sealing it. Sealing limestone countertops is not any different than sealing granite countertops. We recommend that Limestone countertops are sealed more frequently than granite countertops.

Limestone countertops usually cost between $60 to $100 sq. Ft. based on the particular stone you choose and project details.

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