Please note that Columbus Granite may not have all the sinks shown in stock. Always check with us before making plans. 

The most popular sink type for bathroom vanity tops are porcelain ones. The porcelain bathroom sinks come in rectangular and oval shapes. The rectangular sinks have two size options; 18″ x 13″, 16″ x 11″ 

The 18″ x 13″ sinks are the most commons sinks because they fit in standard vanity cabinets, and they provide a large usage area. 

The second most popular shape for the bathroom sinks are oval. The oval bathroom sinks come in two sizes; 17″ x 14″. and 15″ x 12″. 

The White colors is the most common color for the bathroom vanity top sinks, however, the biscuit color is also available in case your toilet color is biscuit and you would like to match it. 

Columbus Granite recommends undermount sink installations over drop in installations, therefore, we do not have any drop in sinks in our stock. 

For pick up orders, we have the option to mount your sink at our shop, or we can also provide the attachment clips to you as in some installation types it will be easier to mount the sink once the top is in place. 

Columbus Granite does not carry any vessel sink options. It is always possible for our customers to provide their own sinks for their projects or get one from us. 

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