Quartz Kitchen Countertop: What And Why

People want their kitchen countertop sturdy and pretty for all cooking conditions. It is something that stands out in the stylish manner that we want in a decor. Quartz is a hard material that is probably the most durable for a kitchen, as well as the most prettiest. They are mainly natural stones with a custom-made finish that works for everyone. What is quartz and why buy the slabs for a future improved kitchen countertop?

Quartz comes in a vivid range of colors, dark and light, featuring the sparkling and veining a slab of granite normally presents itself with. However, quartz is not mined, but manufactured, mixing over ninety percent of ground quartz with polyester resins and color pigments to give it a formal look all together. Previously, there were no patterns and diverse colors, which has now been countered with designs that can be made but the customer before being made. More radical designs incorporate some glass and metal; the resins are added to bind it all as well as make the counter resistant to stains, scratches, and water. Granite, the other popular option with countertops, must be given a new coat of sealant at least once a year. Granite can be bought, polished, honed, or sandblasted.

In terms of cost, it is around $60 to $90 per square foot, including installation. So that is over $1,000 for the large countertops and installation. So, while that may be an invitation to Do-It-Yourself, it is highly suggested not to. Quartz is a very heavy stone that can easily damage if it is not handled correctly. Stay with a professional who can get it done the right way. These quartz slabs can be purchased at home centers and improvement stores, and are long-lasting overall based on the company who produces the slabs.

Other pros about quartz is that it is low for maintenance. As mentioned, it never needs a coat of seal, just a daily wash through with soap (no heavy chemicals) to get ride of surface stains. Thanks to the resin. Quartz is shielded from not just water, but also bacteria, mold, and mildew. The resins also make it flexible than stone, meaning that professional fabricators can shape it within the sink or curve the corners and sides or even convert into walking tiles. Quartz is more inclusive into different projects that other natural stones.

A quartz kitchen countertop is worth the investment because that will come later in granite and may be even more expensive in the long haul. Quartz stands up well and can incorporated with many things along the kitchen line. They are pretty and can be bought in different forms and styles, whether it is a modern, traditional, or retro look. It is a perfect fit for a mix and match with different colors; the decision is based on the homeowner and what fits their taste and wallet.

Look of the countertops is as important as the durability of it to a lot of our customers. Quartz countertops can give you the look you would like (usually marble similar look) at the durability you would like. The most common quartz style is the Calacatta Style nowadays. Calacatta is normally an Italian marble name. Calacatta Marble is fragile and extremely expensive. Calacatta Quartz on the other hand is available in different variations at reasonable price points.

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