Smoky Gray

Gray Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Gray Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Columbus Ohio

Smoky Gray is a new introduction to our inventory. This is a lot different from most of our standard quartz designs, Calacatta Line, and Carrara Line. 
Smoky Gray is a dark color quartz compared to most other white quartz with gray lining in it. Smoky Gray has a gray background (brownish gray as opposed to greenish gray) The slabs have some lines thru making it look natural and unique. Another feature this stone has is the sparkles. That is right sparkles. Not many sparkles like you would have on Sparkling Gray Quartz, or Sparkling White quartz but enough sparkles to make it look different, and make it look modern. 
The Smoky Gray comes in standard size slabs which is 126″ x 63″ Are you thinking of getting unique quartz countertops for your bathroom vanity or kitchen? Visit our stores to explore many options we have in our stock.

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