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white quartz columbus

White quartz kitchen countertops are many homeowners’ dreams nowadays. A fresh bright look with new light color quartz countertops. While some people would like just plain white color quartz for their countertops, some others would like a little design to it similar to marble countertops. 
Here at Columbus Granite we offer both. whether you would like plain white quartz countertops or want a little design like in the Calacatta Alpha Quartz, or Calacatta Ultra quartz
White countertops never go of style just like black granite countertops. Some designs require quartz to be just white without any patterning or coloring in them. This is sometimes to highlight something else in the kitchen or sometimes just to have a calm relaxing design. 
Depending upon the manufacturer, and how white actually the certain quartz is, the price of the white quartz will be between $50 to $90 per sq. ft. 
A lot of manufacturers design solid white quartz countertops so what is the difference? The difference is in the whiteness of the stone. Some white quartz countertops have actually off white color which is hard to notice unless you put some other white against it.  We always recommend that you bring a cabinet door to be able to see how they look together. Seeing the cabinet against the actual slab ensures that your cabinets will not look yellow, or gray against the white quartz countertops, or vise versa. 

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