Soapstone Brazil

Brazilian soapstone


Majority of the soapstone slabs in the countertop market comes from Brazil. A few soapstone sources are also available here in the United States. For example, Alberene Soapstone is quarried in Schuyler VA.


Yes, soapstone countertops are heat resistant. For this very reason, soapstone is also used for cookware such as cooking pots, pans. soapstone would also make a perfect fireplace surround because of its heat resistance.

It is possible to use soapstone countertops alone for your kitchen, or mixed it up with another countertop material. For instance, using soapstone countertops for your island, or your perimeter countertops in addition to something sturdy for the rest of it such as granite, quartz countertops would make the perfect kitchen. Oftentimes, the lighter color is preferred for granite or quartz while darker color countertops are preferred for quartz countertops.

Soapstone countertops need to be oiled a few times in the beginning for them to stay dark. We recommend that you keep a damp rag around and re-oils as you cleans the countertops. This way it will stay dark.

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